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Apr. 2021



Apr. 2021





Walk Across The Street

Treasure Island features natural scenic beauty, which includes an arch that continues to Middle Man Cove and Goff Cove. Getting to Treasure Island from the Laguna Beach Lodge is a breeze with a well-maintained wooden staircase, which goes down the cliff all the way to the beach. The path is well lit in the evening and is perfect for a romantic stroll during sunset. Treasure Island Beach is widely considered one of the area’s best-kept secrets as it’s still considered more of a “locals” beach.

History Of Treasure Island

Treasure Island was a private beach that belonged to a mobile park community. Difficult to access, it was popular amongst adventurous scuba divers willing to make the perilous trek around the rocky cliffs. Featuring rocky cliffs and coves, the beach has a very movie-like quality, so it’s not surprising it was named after the 1934 film, “Treasure Island,” which was filmed at this location.